Production Workshop

Steel pipe

Selected high-quality steel pipe

Production Workshop

Production Workshop

Heat treatment

Automatic controlled atmosphere mesh belt furnace bearing quenching production line and controlled atmosphere rod furnace bearing salt bath quenching production line, equipped with more than 30 sets of physical and chemical testing equipment such as spectral analyzer and metallographic microscope to provide a strong guarantee for producing high-standard and high-quality bearing products.


Automatic loading and unloading high precision surface grinding and cylindrical grinding machine, with integrated double automatic grinding processing and zero in lag.

Clamping riveting

Automatic ring groove size detection, multi-specification ball selection, automatic riveting and automatic detection of ball, rivet and radial clearance.

Grease gland

High-precision grease-injection constant delivery pump, full grease-injection weight testing, automatic sealing ring and dust cover pressing and testing.

Finished product inspection

Full automatic outer diameter size, roundness and taper detection


Automatic rust-proof whole bottled packing, and single box packing.

Corporate subsidiaries

  • Zhejiang FUDA Bearing Co., Ltd.
  • Zhejiang ZHONGZHOU Bearing Co., Ltd.
  • Cixi Unit Machinery Co., Ltd.
  • Cixi Oyat Bearing Co., Ltd.
  • FUDA Bearing Corporation Cixi Import And Export Co., Ltd.
  • Pengqiao Industrial Zone, Henghe Town, Cixi City, Zhejiang Province
  • +86-574-63128888
  • +86-574-63831318

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